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Optic Distribution Frame GPX-H08

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Optic distribution frame GPX-H08

Optic distribution frame can be used in the  termination and distribution of partial trun optical cable in optical cable communication system, easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment.

Meets the National Communication Industry Standrad YD/T 778-2006
Standard frame and module structure
Welding & distribution module can be easily installed with FC,SC,ST,LC adaptors.
Suit for ribbon or non-ribbon fibers.
Ensure the bend radius is less than 40mm in any position.
Obliquity of 30° ensures the bend radius of patch cord and avoid laser burning eyes
Completed marks

Connector loss: ≤0.5dB
Insertion loss: ≤0.2dB
Retune loss: PC≥45dB, UPC≥50dB,APC≥60dB
Working times: >1000
Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ/500V (DC)
Dielectric strength: ≥3000V(DC)/1 min, no breakdown, no arc

576 core, 720 core, etc.

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