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Differences in construction of cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories

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Cold shrinking construction:

A cold-shrinkable cable accessories reduce excessive human factors. During construction, cold shrinkage can be automatically contracted as long as the plastic core inside is removed. During the shrinking process, the insulation tube shrinkage is not caused by human factors. appear. Thereby ensuring the quality of the construction.

B The shrinkage shrinkage is contracted from one end to the other according to the procedure. This procedure cannot be changed to ensure that no bubbles will occur during the shrinking process.

C is in a dangerous situation in petrochemical industry. Cold-shrinking construction avoids the use of heat sources and becomes safe.

Heat shrinking construction:

A heat shrinkage is greatly affected by the construction level. Uneven heating will cause the insulation tube to shrink unevenly, and even some parts will not shrink at all, resulting in uneven thickness and shrinkage.

B During the heat shrinking process, it is easy to cause the burning of the insulating tube and the like due to the poor degree of heating, which greatly affects the insulation performance of the insulating tube.

C Heat shrinkage During heating, it can be heated from one end to the other, or from the middle to the ends, which can easily cause bubbles during shrinkage.

D is a place where the use of heat sources such as open flames, such as petrochemicals and chemical industries, is prohibited. If the use increases the risk, it may cause serious accidents.

In use

1) The cold-shrink cable accessory will keep the cable and accessories in good condition as the cable expands and contracts and keeps the cable in sync.

2) The heat-shrinkable cable accessory will not change with the thermal expansion and contraction of the cable. Long-term operation will easily lead to a gap between the cable and the accessory, which may cause an accident.

Quality comparison

1) The inherent advantages of cold shrinking make the application of cold shrinkable cable accessories continue to develop toward high voltage. Currently, there are 110KV cold shrink cable accessories.

2) The inherent disadvantages of the heat-shrinkable cable accessories make the accessories of the heat-shrinkable cable linger in the application below 35KV for a long time. At the 35KV voltage level, the heat-shrinkable cable accessory has become an important cause of frequent accidents in cable operation.